Cinema Hostel

"Cinema Hostel" is the haven for travellers, oasis for the ones looking for companionship and adventure.

Located near the Wawel Hill on Stradom Street, this hostel is the milestone from which only five minute walk to every interesting, touristy direction separates us.

After crossing Dietla Street the Cracow bohemia's home - Kazimierz - opens for them - tons of pubs, beer gardens, cafes. The unique (matchless) charm and magic of this district of Cracow place it in the first part of "tourist kit". Going in the opposite direction you will find an inimitable Wisla's bend with the Wawel Castle and Royal Route on Grodzka Street, which leads them to the world's best main town square (the experts of the Public Spaces Project (PPS) have positioned Cracow's Main Market-square on the first place in the World's Best Marketplace Ranking; Full list can be found on

And the hostel?
It's the place in which we pay homage to Lumiere Brothers - the inventors of cinematograph. Theme rooms refer to their movie fascinations: Corleone, Casablanca, SinCity, Dirty Dancing. That's the character and charm of this place.

If you wish to go through an adventure - do it with them!

Cinema Hostel Cracow
Stradomska 27/1
Kraków/Cracow 31-058